Here’s how we can help you and/or your family members to safely age in place, or move if they must:

  • Daughter In Town
  • Home Modification Assessment
  • Decluttering
  • Senior Move Management/Estate dispersal

Not sure which service fits your situation best, or if you don’t see what you need – just ask! Contact us.

Daughter in Town. We serve as boots-on-the-ground, acting in lieu of near or far family members – that someone who visits at least weekly, makes sure things around the house are still safe, and that necessary services are being performed, checks written and bills paid, doctor and vet appointments made and kept, noting how your loved ones are doing in all facets of their daily lives – while reaching out to those family members with pictures and a status report, confirming what’s still ok and what’s not, and what needs their attention.  We can also assist in finding and setting up local services as needed.  Our goal, in addition to keeping our seniors happy and where they want to be, is to keep those remote and/or overwhelmed family members sane and to reduce their stress level.

Home Modification/Safety Assessment. Another aspect of providing peace of mind all around is to ensure our seniors’ homes are not only safe but also are as conducive as possible to independent living. The Home Modification Assessment process includes a careful observation of your senior(s) and how they live their daily lives in their current environment, in order to determine household hazards and impediments and to suggest remodeling and/or assistive devices to facilitate their activities and independence. Thus as a Certified Home Modification Assessor Liz performs Home Modification Assessments, and can also take on all details of working with the family to get major modifications agreed upon, obtain estimates, research available public funding, and oversee implementation. Unlike some other vendors who provide a strictly one-time one-size-fits-all impersonal checklist, our more holistic and long-term approach readily ties in with our other services to determine the best ways to keep your seniors happy and functional at home, where they want to be.

Because we want to do everything possible to keep our seniors safe, we perform the HMA itself at no charge, within a five mile radius of New Canaan, CT. Outside of this area, travel charges apply. See Fees and Plans for more information.

safety enhancements for seniors in the showerproviding safety and independence to seniors






“I would like to thank Liz for a job well done. Liz did a thorough job of carefully observing my parents and the way they live. Her professional services made a difference. Her keen eye saw safety hazards that we didn’t notice. I highly recommend the Home Modification Assessment Report that she provided. It was objective, but personal. It included specific ways to make their environment safer and also easier for them to function independently. These suggestions were accepted by my parents more easily when she recommended them. They have implemented many of them and their daily lives are better and safer. I passionately recommend the services of Elizabeth Donovan. She is a caring individual that will always have the best interest of her clients first and foremost.” Heather H.

Decluttering, which also includes working with your senior to reduce stuff, provide a back story for some of that stuff, and determine who gets the stuff (trash or treasure) – is the greatest gift a parent can give a child, because it takes care of dealing with stuff NOW – not after passing, when emotions run high and the family is already highly stressed. It allows your senior control over their stuff and to pass along their history and to share their stories, so that family members know why that stuff was kept in the first place. The activity will have to be done one day, one way or another – doing it now, with me to facilitate as impartial third party, can bring joy (in the remembering) and a firm understanding of who gets what household treasures ahead of time, as well as reduced drama.  Our services include:

  • Assistance in evaluating what our clients want and/or need versus what they don’t
  • Sorting and reorganizing
  • Working with appraisers as needed to determine valuation and/or sale of items, as appropriate
  • Coordination and pickup of donations, recycling, trash
  • Pack and ship belongings intended for out of town family, annotating any stories so that family members are aware of the specialness of these items
  • Arranging for sale of household items

Senior Move Management. Today the majority of seniors want to stay in their own homes, and as a community it is something we should all encourage, if it can be done safely and successfully. Sometimes that means downsizing from a larger family home into a more manageable space, especially if extensive home modifications would otherwise be necessary. Other times it means moving into assisted living or similar housing. You want someone to assist here who has experience and empathy with senior clients, because there’s a whole lot more to moving than just putting stuff in boxes. If move they must, I can help with that too.   If you need help cleaning out your senior’s estate, determining donations, family and saleable items, and dealing with the enormity of things that must be disposed of, this is one of our specialties.

See Frequently Asked Questions on Senior Move Management.

Senior Support and Transition is bonded and insured.