Providing peace of mind for Seniors
and those who love them.

Who are our customers?  Seniors and/or their family members who want to make sure they themselves, or their loved ones, can safely age in place – or move if they must.  Determining whether one’s home is truly the best place to age can be a difficult and emotional decision, with long-lasting consequences.  We can help with any and all facets of this process, whether the decision is ultimately to stay put or to move –  impartially and with care, knowledge and consideration.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Daughter-In-Town Services – Boots-on-the-ground home/life services management – here to facilitate aging in place, and to take care of things at home when family members can’t be.
  • Home Modification/Safety Assessments – to pinpoint any problematic parts of the home and to suggest any and all improvements to help our seniors age safely, functionally and gracefully in place.
  • Decluttering/Right-sizing your home – The greatest gift a senior parent can give to their children – do it now so they won’t have to.
  • Move if you Must/Estate Cleanouts – Senior Move Manager services to downsize or relocate or clean out – because there’s a whole lot more to sorting and moving a lifetime of memories than just putting stuff in boxes, and unpacking them again!
  • See our Services Page for more information. Your initial consultation is free!

Testimonials for Senior Support and Transition services

“Liz, you and your team from Senior Support and Transition are terrific. My siblings and I needed to empty our mom’s home where she lived for many years under a very tight schedule. Your ability to assess the situation, engage and manage local resources while keeping us regularly informed and completing on time and budget, is extraordinary and greatly appreciated. Aside from the logistics you have given us a more important gift and that is peace of mind knowing that everything was handled appropriately, respectfully and with great sensitivity. ” Leo A.

“Although only in my late 50’s, when I recently had to spend some recovery time in a wheelchair, I suddenly found that my beloved home had become a prison: I could not get in or outside, use the bathroom, the kitchen, or the outdoor laundry facilities. Liz came and did an extensive study of me, my home, my present and future needs. Out of this came a very detailed report showing an affordable plan of what I could have done to allow me to age in place here and not be forced out of my home in the decades to come. I look forward to you supervising my home remodeling and making my house my dream home for the remainder of my years.” Kathy E.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping me regarding downsizing and moving. As I approached my 70th birthday, I realized that my home of two decades was not going to be a good fit for me going forward. My double knee replacement surgery helped me to realize that changes would have to be made for my remaining years, but I would have been lost without your knowledge and understanding of what was needed and how to accomplish it.” Claire M.

Senior Support and Transition is bonded and insured.